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Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology (ITPE)

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Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology (ITPE) is the leading research and development Centre in Poland. ITPE participates in realization of research projects of priority importance to economy, which are dedicated to the efficient use of fossil, renewable and alternative fuels.

The Institute's area of ​​competence is focused on:

  • thermochemical conversion of solid fuels for energy and chemical industry
  • environmentally friendly and economically effective residential and municipal heating systems based on natural and processed solid fuels
  • circular economy – waste to energy or residues to products
  • thermochemical energy storage by means of solid-gas reactions
  • effective and environmentally safe coke making and coal derivatives processing industries
  • advanced materials for novel energy generation technologies and e-mobility (including H2 transport)

All the activities are carried out with the emphasis to environmental protection issues, especially to the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases as well as gaseous and particulate contaminants.

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