Environmental Aspects in Colloid and Interface Science

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Colloids and interfaces are nowadays a huge part of everybody daily life. Food, energy, minerals processing, pharmaceuticals or the environment, naming but a few, involve multiphasic phenomena requiring a multidisciplinary approach for science and technology to deal with different kinds of materials from synthetic to biopolymers, nanoparticles in dispersions like in foams and emulsions, biologically induced material degradation processes like fouling or corrosion. 

These topics are intended to be part of this platform and can be related, but not restricted, to colloids and interfaces and ecological aspects in coatings field, environmental effects related to outdoor technologies, like solar panel, marine and water environments, oil recovery, pollution, conservation and restoration in cultural heritage, CO2 capture, deicing, biomedical aspects like viruses and bacteria protection.

This section is then dedicated to works like research papers and reviews for publication in regular and special issues dedicated to phenomena where environment affects colloidal and interfacial properties with the aim of describing how different conditions can influence the performance of a coating material or technology when exposed to a specific environment.

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