Liquid–Fluid Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces

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The section “Liquid–Fluid Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces” is a platform devoted to the science and engineering of complex fluids confined in the vicinity of interfaces or surfaces. This section publishes original research papers and reviews papers relating to this type of system. The theoretical and practical advancements associated with the understanding of the phenomena involving liquid–fluid interfaces present implications in different fields, including food science, cosmetics, biology, oil recovery, electronics, drug delivery, detergency, and tissue engineering.


  • Assembly of surfactant, polymer, particles, and their mixtures at liquid–fluid interfaces.
  • Particle–laden interfaces.
  • Interfacial rheology and dynamics.
  • Functional liquid–fluid interfaces.
  • Lung surfactant layers.
  • Interfacial flows.
  • Spreading, evaporation, and patterning.
  • Emulsions and foams.
  • Physicochemical perspective materials assembled at liquid–fluid interfaces.
  • 2D systems trapped at liquid–fluid interfaces.
  • Colloidal and supramolecular systems.


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