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Macro-autophagy, micro-autophagy, and chaperone-mediated autophagy are lysosomal degradative processes that allow cells to eliminate unwanted or dysfunctional protein/protein complexes, superfluous or damaged organelles, and also invading pathogens. In most scenarios, autophagy processes specifically target those structures that cells do not want. As a result, they are involved in a multitude of physiological functions and pathological situations. Autophagy is currently one of the fastest-growing research areas in life and medical sciences.

The Section Autophagy of Cells aims to be an active part of the international autophagy research community and aims to attract manuscripts detailing the latest cutting-edge research on autophagy, across kingdoms, on the following topics (but not exclusively):

  • Macro-autophagy;
  • Micro-autophagy;
  • Chaperone-mediated autophagy;
  • Mechanism and regulation;
  • Adaptation to stresses;
  • Physiology (quality control, development and cell differentiation, immunity and infection, stem cell maintenance, tissue homeostasis, etc.);
  • Disease (neurodegeneration, cancer, myopathies, autoimmune diseases, etc.).

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