Molecular Pathology

A section of Biomolecules (ISSN 2218-273X).

Section Information

The Molecular Pathology Section of the open access journal, Biomolecules (ISSN 2218-273X), publishes review articles on high-impact areas of molecular pathology research, original research on diverse aspects of molecular biology including the molecular pathogenesis and molecular diagnosis of human disorders, including hereditary, neoplastic, metabolic, neurological, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

This section invites and publishes original contributions, reviews, and discovery articles that include but not limited to the following:

  • Molecular pathogenesis
  • Molecular diagnosis
  • Experimental therapeutic approaches based on novel pathomechanisms
  • Gene and protein networks regulating pathogenetic processes
  • Cellular signaling mechanisms regulating pathogenetic processes
  • Systems biology approaches of molecular pathogenesis

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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