20 September 2023
Symmetry | Invitation to Read the 2022 Feature Papers in the Section “Chemistry: Symmetry/Asymmetry”

1. “Potential Energy Surfaces for Noble Gas (Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn)–Propylene Oxide Systems: Analytical Formulation and Binding”
by Federico Palazzetti, Cecilia Coletti, Alessandro Marrone and Fernando Pirani
Symmetry202214(2), 249;
Available online:

2. “Properties Assessment by Quantum Mechanical Calculations for Azulenes Substituted with Thiophen– or Furan–Vinyl–Pyridine”
by Oana Ciocirlan, Eleonora-Mihaela Ungureanu, Alina-Alexandra Vasile (Corbei) and Amalia Stefaniu
Symmetry202214(2), 354;
Available online:

3. “Rational Pulse Design for Enantiomer-Selective Microwave Three-Wave Mixing”
by Monika Leibscher, Jonas Kalveram and Christiane P. Koch
Symmetry202214(5), 871;
Available online:

4. “Chiral Analysis of Linalool, an Important Natural Fragrance and Flavor Compound, by Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy”
by Reilly E. Sonstrom, Donald M. Cannon and Justin L. Neill
Symmetry202214(5), 917;
Available online:

5. “Organocatalytic Asymmetric Halocyclization of Allylic Amides to Chiral Oxazolines Using DTBM-SEGPHOS—Mechanistic Implications from Hammett Plots”
by Fotini Moschona, Christina Misirlaki, Nikolaos Karadimas, Maria Koutiva, Ioanna Savvopoulou and Gerasimos Rassias
Symmetry202214(5), 989;
Available online:

6. “Accurate Determination of Enantiomeric Excess Using Raman Optical Activity”
by Pavel Michal, Jana Hudecová, Radek Čelechovský, Milan Vůjtek, Michal Dudka and Josef Kapitán
Symmetry202214(5), 990;
Available online:

7. “MCD and Induced CD of a Tetraphenoxyperylene-Based Dye in Chiral Solvents: An Experimental and Computational Study”
by Simone Ghidinelli, Marco Fusè, Giuseppe Mazzeo, Sergio Abbate and Giovanna Longhi
Symmetry202214(6), 1108;
Available online:

8. “A Scent of Peppermint—A Microwave Spectroscopy Analysis on the Composition of Peppermint Oil”
by Anna Krin, María Mar Quesada Moreno, Cristóbal Pérez and Melanie Schnell
Symmetry202214(6), 1262;
Available online:

9. “Orientation of Chiral Molecules by External Electric Fields: Focus on Photodissociation Dynamics”
by Po-Yu Tsai and Federico Palazzetti
Symmetry 2022, 14(10), 2152;
Available online:

10. “Pt-Modified Nano-Sized Mn2O3 Oxide Prepared from the Mn3O4 Phase with Tetragonal Symmetry for CO Oxidation”
by Silviya Todorova, Anton Naydenov, Maya Shopska, Hristo Kolev, Iliyana Yordanova and Krasimir Tenchev
Symmetry 2022, 14(12), 2543;
Available online:

11. “Liquid Crystal-Based Geometric Phase-Enhanced Platform for Polarization and Wavefront Analysis Techniques with the Short-TeraHertz FEL Oscillator TerRa@BriXSinO”
by Bruno Piccirillo, Domenico Paparo, Andrea Rubano, Antonello Andreone, Marcello Rossetti Conti, Dario Give, Verónica Vicuña-Hernández, Can Koral, Maria Rosaria Masullo, Giovanni Mettivier et al.
Symmetry202315(1), 103;
Available online:

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