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6–9 September 2022 The 4th ISFMS: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Druggability of Proteins

Florence, Italy

We would like to invite you to The 4th ISFMS: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Druggability of Proteins, which will be held in the wonderful city of Florence, Italy, in the period September 6–9, 2022. The conference will be hosted at the University of Florence, in the biomedical campus nearby the main city hospital, which is easily accessible from the airport, train station or city center. Apart the high quality science which will be presented during the event, our fantastic location will afford the possibility to visit the city in which Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei (to mention just a few personalities) lived and created some of their unique artistic and scientific masterpieces. The friendly and peaceful atmosphere of our city will surely favor nice scientific interactions and the possibility to establish interesting contacts with scientists from all over the world in a collaborative manner.

19–21 October 2022 ICM 2022 | 4th International Conference on Materials: Advanced and Emerging Materials

Barcelona, Spain

Dear colleagues, friends, and the wider material science community:

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 4th International Conference of Materials, organized by MDPI’s Open Access journal Materials. This conference will be held in the beautiful city of Barcelona from October 19 to October 21, 2022. The first three editions of the conference were in electronic format, and each was a great success. This has encouraged the organizing committee to take this tradition to the next level by organizing the 4th edition of this conference in Barcelona, where all stakeholders working on various aspects of materials science and material engineering can come together. The aim is to make this event a forum for discussion, knowledge exchange and fruitful interactions among participants in this exponentially growing field.

Stakeholders from academia and industry as well as from governments and research institutes are welcome to join this event and share their findings on various topics related to materials, such as:

  • Materials Characterization
  • Nanotechnology in Material Sciences and Engineering
  • Materials Processing and Manufacturing
  • Soft and Bio-materials
  • Fibers and Membranes
  • Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Materials

We are very enthusiastic about this 4th Materials Conference and are relying on you to make it a successful event.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Prof. Dr. Maryam Tabrizian and Prof. Dr. Filippo Berto

ICM 2022 Chairs

8–22 July 2022 2nd International Electronic Conference on Biomolecules: Biomacromolecules and the Modern World Challenges (IECBM2022)


Dear Colleagues,

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Biomolecules: Biomacromolecules and the Modern World Challenges (IECBM2022). The conference is organized by the MDPI open-access journal Biomolecules (Impact Factor 4.879), and will be held online from 8 to 22 July 2022.

This conference will provide leading scientists working in the field with an online platform on which to share their latest research and engage in exciting discussions. The main topics and sessions of the conference are:

Biomacromolecules: Proteins;
Biomacromolecules: Carbohydrates;
Biomacromolecules: Nucleic Acids;
Biomolecules: Lipids.

This online event will bring together researchers from all over the world with no concerns of travel or other related expenditures. Participation and “attendance” to the IECBM2022 are FREE of charge.

The conference invites submissions for abstracts that will be reviewed by the conference committee. The authors of accepted contributions will be invited to submit a conference paper along with a slide or poster presentation of their work. All participants will have the opportunity to examine, explore, and critically engage with research findings published in Sciforum during the conference.

After the conference, all accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of this e-conference within a dedicated issue of the MDPI journal Proceedings. In addition, all participants will be encouraged to submit a full paper to one dedicated Special Issue in Biomolecules with a 20% discount on the article processing charges (APC).

We hope that you will join this e-conference to exchange ideas, start fruitful collaborations, and make this first edition a success the first of many.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Vladimir N. Uversky, PhD, DSc, FRSB, FRSC

27–29 July 2022 3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade

Rome, Italy

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 3rd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium—Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade (MMCS2022), to be held in Rome, Italy, from 27-29 July 2022.

The conference is co-organized by the Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Drug Chemistry and Technology, and MDPI, the publisher of the open-access journal Molecules. The conference is a follow-up to the successful 2nd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium—Facing Novel Challenges in Drug Discovery (MMCS2019), held in May 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. This turned out to be a very fruitful forum that delved into numerous topics. The excellent atmosphere was created by the presence of more than 190 attendees from 30 countries.

The MMCS2022 will be organized into a number of thematic sessions, and a non-exhaustive list of topics that will be considered includes:

  1. Molecules against drug-resistant microorganisms and SARS-CoV-2;
  2. Targeting proteins for degradation: PROTACS, PHOTACS, LYTACs, and molecular glues;
  3. Machine learning in drug design;
  4. Natural compounds in drug discovery;
  5. Multitarget drug discovery;
  6. Medicinal chemistry tales.

In each session, two prominent and inspiring keynote speakers will share the program with a number of oral communications selected from among the contributions submitted by young researchers. The program will be complemented by poster presentations and social events.

The 3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade will accept abstracts only. All accepted abstracts will be available online in open access form on Participants of this conference are encouraged to contribute with a full manuscript to our one Special Issue related to the conference in the journal Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049, Impact Factor: 4.411 (2020)). The conference participants will be granted a 20% discount on the publishing fees.

Important Dates:

  • Covering author deadline: 27 June 2022;
  • Late Registration: 8 July 2022.

In order to recognize the works presented during the conference in the format of posters and presentations, two awards will be offered to our conference participants, which will be announced during the award ceremony on the last day of the conference.

  • Best Oral Presentation (EUR 500)

Selected by the Scientific Committee after evaluation of all selected talks presented during the conference.

  • Best Poster (EUR 300)

Selected by the Scientific Committee after an evaluation of the posters received.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome.

Prof. Rino Ragno

Editor of the “Medicinal Chemistry” Section of Molecules


Prof. Diego Muñoz-Torrero

Editor-in-Chief of the “Medicinal Chemistry” Section of Molecules

MMCS2022 Chairs

1–15 October 2022 The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Brain Sciences (IECBS2022)


It is a pleasure to announce the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Brain Sciences (IECBS2022)—Exploring New Discoveries and New Directions in Neuroscience. The conference has been organized by the MDPI open-access journal Brain Sciences (Impact Factor 3.394) and will be held online from 1 to 15 October 2022.

The conference will provide an opportunity to share new ideas, technologies, and innovations in the broad area of neuroscience with the global community of scientists in this field of brain sciences.

The field of neuroscience is one of the most important frontiers in biomedical studies, as many of the details that control brain function are still not well understood. This makes the study of the nervous system very exciting and fast moving.

Therefore, we invite you to join us with your work and be part of this exciting experience.

The topics of the conference include:

  1. Behavioral neuroscience;
  2. Molecular and cellular neuroscience;
  3. Developmental neuroscience;
  4. Neuropsychology;
  5. Systems neuroscience;
  6. Sensory and motor neuroscience;
  7. Computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics;
  8. Neurorehabilitation;
  9. Neurotechnology and neuroimaging.

For the IECBS2022, participation and attendance are FREE of charge. Hopefully, this means it will be an inclusive and sustainable conference due to the lack of taxes, travel costs, or other related expenditures. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. This online event will bring together researchers from all over the world.

We warmly invite our colleagues from across the world to actively take part in this important and inspiring event by presenting their latest work.

Event Awards

To acknowledge the support of the conference’s esteemed authors and recognize their outstanding scientific accomplishments, we are pleased to launch the Best Paper Award, Best Poster Award, and Best Speaker Award.

The winners will receive the following:

300 CHF (Swiss Francs);
A certificate;
The opportunity to publish a paper in Brain Sciences with a voucher of 1000 CHF before 1 June 2023.

For more information on IECBS2022, please visit the conference website ( or contact us by email ([email protected]).

15–30 November 2022 The 26th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Dear Colleagues,

The Electronic Conferences on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ECSOC) are a series of conferences that have been held online since 1997. Originally, it was an initiative of MDPI, and was later amalgamated with the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). It now constitutes the longest running electronic conference in the world. It maintains free participation and registration in the true spirit of open access on the World Wide Web. This year, the conference will cover a wide range of aspects involved in synthetic organic chemistry. A non-exhaustive list of topics that will be considered comprises:

  1. General Organic Synthesis;
  2. Bioorganic, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry;
  3. Microwave-Assisted Synthesis;
  4. Polymer and Supramolecular Chemistry;
  5. Computational Chemistry.

ECSOC-26 offers you the opportunity to participate in this international, scholarly conference without the need to travel. It will be completely free of charge—both to attend, and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform. There will be a possibility to submit selected papers to the journal Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049, Impact Factor: 4.412 (2020); 5-Year Impact Factor: 4.588 (2020)).

Abstracts (in English) should be submitted by 30 September 2022 at Once this has been accepted, the author is requested to send the full manuscript, and optionally, a PowerPoint presentation (PDF only) and/or video of their work, before 23 October 2022, to ensure there is time for a final check.

The conference proceedings papers and presentations will be available on for discussion and will be published in the Journal Chemistry Proceedings for free. Once the conference is over, a CD-ROM (ISBN 978-3-0365-3286-8) will be published with the contents of the conference, which will be available on request ([email protected]) for 75 EUR each. 

Participants of this conference are cordially invited to contribute a full manuscript to our Special Issue of Molecules (submission to the journal is independent from the conference proceedings and will follow the usual process of the journal, including peer-review, APC, etc.). Papers presented at the conference will be granted a 20% discount for submisison to the Special Issue.

We are pleased to announce the availability of awards for researchers who plan to attend the ECSOC-26 conference. Applications and nominations will be assessed by the Scientific Committee. Winners will be announced online after the conference.

Best Contribution Award (CHF 500)

Best Contribution Award (CHF 500)
The Best Contribution Award is given for the proceedings judged to make the most significant contribution to the conference.

Best Presentation Award (CHF 500)

Best Presentation Award (CHF 500)
The Best Presentation Award is given for the posters/slide presentations and oral online presentations/video presentations judged to make the most significant contribution to the conference.

The 26th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry is organized and sponsored by MDPI, an open access publisher based in Switzerland. We hope you will be able to join this exciting event and support us in making it a success.

We look forward to receiving your research papers and welcoming you to this edition of the e-conference.

Please contact us if you have any questions ([email protected]).

Kind regards,
Dr. Julio A. Seijas Vázquez
Chair of the 26th Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ECSOC-26)

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (9)

3–8 July 2022 17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium - BOSS XVII

Namur, Belgium

Due to the extraordinary circumstances that we all found ourselves in surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are genuinely disappointed to announce that we must postpone the 17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS XVII), due to take place in Namur from July 5-10, 2020. We made this difficult decision because the health and safety of all of our participants remains our primary concern.

The symposium will take place at the same location on July 3-8, 2022.

3–9 July 2022 12-th BGL conference

Lviv, Ukraine

The 12-th BGL conference, dedicated to the 190th anniversary of János Bolyai’s “Appendix” and remembering his stay in Lviv 190 years ago (1831-1832) will be held in Lviv (Western Ukraine) on July 4–9, 2022. The conference is organized by the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Pidstryhach Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics and Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


  • Non-Euclidean geometry in physics (quantum field theory, relativity, astroparticle physics, cosmology, gravitational waves, dark matter, dark energy);
  • Non-Euclidean geometry in mathematics (quantum fields in curved spaces, symmetries and supersymmetry, quantum groups and algebras, integrable systems);
  • History of the non-Euclidean geometry, biographic notes, philosophy, arts, architecture, science outreach.

Important dates:

Deadline for online registration: May 31, 2022
Arrival and registration: July 3, Sunday/July 4, Monday, 2022

18–22 July 2022 34th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (ICGTMP)

Strasbourg University, France

The 34th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (ICGTMP) will be held from July 18 to 22, 2022, at Strasbourg University, France. The ICGTMP is a long-standing conference series in mathematical physics that emphasizes the use of group-theoretical, algebraic, and geometrical methods in physics. The colloquium will bring together mathematicians and physicists and hopes to promote the exchange of knowledge in common centres of interest.

Since 2022 will mark the 50th year since this Colloquium was created in France, we will celebrate this milestone through special ceremonies. Special ceremonies for the Herman Weyl prize and the Wigner–Weyl Award will be organized.

24–29 July 2022 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC)

Lisbon, Portugal

The upcoming 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 24th to 29th July 2022. The 28th ILCC meeting will be an excellent inclusive opportunity to discuss current issues and challenges in all aspects of liquid crystals, from synthesis to applications, and to support and appreciate the achievements of early-career researchers and young students.

The Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI) will financially support students participating in the ILCC2022 in Lisbon by providing registration fee waivers at the early bird rate for ILCS student members. More information can be found here. The ILCC2022 conference will offer Poster and Oral Awards to outstanding presentations by young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to stimulate and promote their academic activities.

The deadline for abstract submission is 31 January 2022.

We welcome you to ILCC 2022.

26–31 July 2022 29th International Symposium on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur - ISOCS-29

University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

ISOCS symposia are prestigious international scientific events that have been scheduled biannually since 1964 (Liblice, Czechoslovakia) mostly across Europe and Japan. Attracting attendees from industry, government, and academia, past symposia have covered a fascinating range of sulfur chemistry from theory to practical applications.​

ISOCS-29 will be based on the following themes:

  • Sulfur in Biochemistry and Health
  • Sulfur Containing Heterocycles
  • Synthesis, Catalysis and Stereochemistry
  • Sensors, Analysis and Interfaces
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Coordination Chemistry with Sulfur Ligands
  • Theory, Mechanism & Reactive Intermediates
  • Industrial and Sustainable Sulfur Chemistry

28 August–2 September 2022 36th European and 12th International Peptide Symposium

Barcelona, Spain

The 36th European and 12th International Peptide Symposium will be held at Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, from August 28 to September 2, 2022.

The meeting, themed "From Peptides to the World”, will be an ideal occasion for academia and industry scientists from all over the world to learn and discuss about the thriving field of peptide science, exchanging ideas, creating new alliances, meeting old –and making new– friends.

The 36EPS scientific committee has set out to assemble an exciting program with a broad range of topics covering, among others, advances in peptide chemistry and structure, bioactive peptides and their therapeutic applications, and peptide biomaterials, nanotechnology and delivery. In addition, associated satellite meetings and workshops will take place.

The conference will take place at the Melià Sitges, a leading hotel and convention center with a 1200-seat auditorium and 4,000 square meters for commercial exhibition, poster sessions and coffee breaks, all within the pleasant setting of a 300-room establishment with outdoor pool, gardens and terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Sitges, 40 km south of Barcelona and well-connected (every 30 min) by rail to Barcelona International Airport and Central Station, is a trendy resort with privileged location and mild Mediterranean climate favouring outdoor activities practically all year-round. Four kilometres of beach, fringed by a sea-front promenade dotted with artful colonial mansions facing the sea, provide a perfect excuse for strolling in this convivial town well-known for its open, inclusive, relaxed atmosphere.

The scientific and local organizing committees, supported by the EPS executive committee, are keen to make the 36EPS/12IPS a memorable, successful scientific event. Convinced that your presence will contribute to that, we look forward to meeting you in Sitges in 2022!

26–28 October 2022 3-day International Conference on Materials Science

Verona, Italy

The scope of the conference is to bring together scientists from different areas of Materials Science, physicists, chemists, engineers, with the opportunity to present the state-of-the-art of their research and discuss the latest trends in the field.

The conference's topics are related to all aspects of scientific research of advanced and functional materials, such as nanomaterials, electronic and photonic materials (semiconductors, dielectrics, liquid crystals, ionic solids), ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, ferromagnetics, multiferroics, thin-films and coatings, metals/alloys and composites, glasses, catalytic materials, polymers, energy materials, bio- and organic materials, including both experimental and theoretical aspects.

7–11 November 2022 4th World Summit on Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe (EDSU2022)

La Reunion Island

The 4th World Summit on Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe (EDSU2022) conference will be held at La Reunion Island on the 7th–11th November 2022.

EDSU2022 is one of the major venues of interaction between cosmologists and particle physicists. Its main goal is to facilitate discussions on the progress in and future directions of outstanding issues, both in cosmology and in particle physics. The successes and shortcomings of the standard cosmological model as well as the standard particle physics model will be reviewed through the latest astrophysical observations and accelerator experiment results.


Budapest, Hungary

The Zimányi School Winter Workshop aims to summarize the developments made in 2022 in high-energy heavy-ion physics, with a particular focus on the new data emerging from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), as well as the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS). We will discuss the results or plans from other high-energy nuclear and particle physics facilities of the world, most importantly lower-energy colliders, exploring the nuclear phase diagram (with special attention paid to J-PARC, FAIR and NICA). Another important purpose of the School is to discuss important novel phenomenological and theoretical results in hydrodynamics, flow and femtoscopy. Last, but not least, one of the main aims of the School is to encourage interaction between the theoretical and experimental communities.

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