19 June 2020
Recent Journal Additions Into Scopus Database

Scopus, the abstract and citation database, has further expanded the coverage of research published at MDPI, accepting to include the journals listed in the below. Coverage in Scopus is going to offer more visibility to the work published in these journals.

Thank you to the authors, editors and reviewers involved, for turning these journals into venues for publishing original, state-of-the-art research!


Current Volume


 Beverages Logo

Vol. 6 (2020) | articles

beverage research and development; beverage manufacturing and safety; nutritional aspects of beverages | more | submit article

 Fire Logo

Vol. 3 (2020) | articles

fire processes within earth-system, socio-economic and landscape models; community-based management and wildfire suppression | more | submit article

 Soil Systems Logo

Vol. 4 (2020) | articles

biological, chemical, and physical processes operating within soils and sediments  | more | submit article

 Magnetochemistry Logo

Vol. 6 (2020) | articles Twitter

molecular magnetism; magnetic nanoparticles | more | submit article

 Methods and Protocols Logo

Vol. 3 (2020) | articles Twitter

novel approaches and protocols in life sciences, biomedical sciences and chemistry  | more | submit article

 Drones Logo

Vol. 4 (2020) | articles

design, development and applications of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems | more | submit article

 Big Data and Cognitive Computing Logo

Vol. 4 (2020) | articles

Big Data storage and applications; could computing; deep learning and cognitive computing | more | submit article

 Languages Logo

Vol. 5 (2020) | articles Twitter

linguistics; sociolinguistics; neurolinguistics; comparative linguistics | more | submit article

 Fractal and Fractional Logo

Vol. 4 (2020) | articles

fractals and fractional operators in mathematics, computer science and natural sciences | more | submit article


Vol. 4 (2020) | articles

separation, purification and reaction engineering; biochemical and materials engineering | more | submit article

 Systems Logo

Vol. 8 (2020) | articles

socio-technical systems; complex systems; system dynamics; systems design | more | submit article

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