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Advances in Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction
(Editor: Abuzar Kabir)
10 Jan 2019 3
Advances in Fire Debris Analysis
(Editors: Michael Sigman, Mary Williams)
15 Jul 2018 5
Advances in LC Column Technology: Design, Characterization, and Application
(Editor: Sebastiaan Eeltink)
20 Dec 2018
Advances in Solid-Phase Microextraction
(Editors: Attilio Naccarato, Antonio Tagarelli)
20 Jun 2019
Analytic Techniques for Lithium Ion Batteries Analysis
(Editor: Sascha Nowak)
28 Feb 2019
Analytic Techniques for Metalloprotein Analysis
(Editor: Chris F. Harrington)
31 Jan 2019
Analytic Techniques for Nano- and Microparticles Analysis
(Editors: Katrin Löschner, Jana Navratilova, Stephan Wagner)
31 Oct 2018 1
Analytical Tools for Food Analysis
(Editor: Daniele Giuffrida)
30 Jul 2018 1
Chromatographic Techniques for Food and Environmental Samples
(Editors: Antonio Martin-Esteban, Esther Turiel)
30 Jun 2018 6
Chromatography and Chemometrics
(Editor: Giorgia Purcaro)
30 Mar 2019 1
Combined, Tandem and Multidimensional Techniques for Metabolomics Analysis
(Editor: Michael Witting)
15 Mar 2019
Comprehensive Multidimensional Gas Chromatography
(Editors: Katelynn A. Perrault, Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto)
30 Apr 2019
Countercurrent Chromatography
(Editor: Alain Berthod)
20 Aug 2017 5
Determination of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Environmental Matrices
(Editor: Vasilios Sakkas)
15 Dec 2018
Development of Alternative Green Sample Preparation Techniques
(Editor: Emanuela Gionfriddo)
31 May 2019
Electrophoretic Analyses in Capillaries and Microfluidic Devices
(Editor: Timothy G. Strein)
30 Nov 2015 5
Extraction and Isolation of Natural Products
(Editor: Monica Gallo)
31 Jul 2019
Field-Flow Fractionation
(Editor: Ronald Beckett)
31 Jul 2015 7
Five Years of Separations: Feature Paper 2018
(Editors: Victoria F. Samanidou, Rafael Lucena)
30 Nov 2018
Investigation New Technology for Separation of Plastic Wastes
(Editor: Monica Moroni)
15 Feb 2019 1
Modern Chemical Analysis of Organic Materials in Archaeology
(Editor: Petr Bednář)
20 Jan 2019
Monolithic Columns in Separation Sciences
(Editor: Zuzana Zajickova)
30 Nov 2016 8
New Trends in Thin-Layer Chromatography
(Editor: Mark Devlin Maloney)
15 Feb 2015 6
Novel Polymeric Materials for Application in Liquid Phase Separations
(Editor: Christopher Palmer)
28 Feb 2019
Novel Sample Preparation Techniques
(Editor: Núria Fontanals)
31 Oct 2019
Recent Advances on Ionic Liquid Uses in Separation Techniques
(Editors: María José Ruiz-Angel, Samuel Carda-Broch)
10 Jun 2019
Research as Development Perspective
(Editors: Victoria F. Samanidou, George Zachariadis)
30 Apr 2018 7
Separation Techniques for Dairy Analysis
(Editor: Gavino Sanna)
31 Dec 2018
Solid Phase Micro-Extraction
(Editor: Mary Boyce)
31 Mar 2015 11
Sorption Separation
(Editor: Martin Pipíška)
30 Sep 2018 1
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
(Editor: Caroline West)
10 Mar 2019
The Key Elements in the Research Driven Development
(Editors: Victoria F. Samanidou, George Zachariadis, Michael A. Terzidis)
30 Apr 2019
Trends in Microextraction Techniques for Sample Preparation Printed Edition available
(Editor: Victoria F. Samanidou)
20 Sep 2017 13
Trends in Modern High Performance Liquid Chromatography Separations
(Editor: Serban C. Moldoveanu)
31 May 2019
Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography
(Editor: Shari Forbes)
30 Apr 2016 5
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