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We are pleased to introduce a new Section of Separations under the topic “Bioanalysis/Clinical Analysis”.

In the Section “Bioanalysis/Clinical Analysis”, we are welcoming original research and review articles on the development and application of bioanalytical methods for qualitative–quantitative determinations in biological matrices (conventional/non-conventional) that require invasive or non-invasive sampling procedures.

Innovative analytical protocols are needed during all processes involved in chemical analysis, to establish the identities, properties, pureness, bioactivities, quantities, and other main features. Furthermore, modern analytical methods provide accurate information about therapeutic dosage and/or pharmacokinetics about new chemical entities (NCEs). During the last few years, new techniques for chemical analysis have been developed that allow separation scientists to obtain all relevant information quickly and accurately even when the analysis is carried out in complex matrices.

Bioanalytical methods, including pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics, bioequivalence, are welcome based on analytical novelty, including sample preparation and instrument configuration. Real-world applications (endogenous analytes or sampling from patients) are highly recommended versus demonstration through spiking of blank biological matrices, both conventional and non-conventional.

Furthermore, the clinical analysis is an extremely broad topic ranging from quality control or raw materials to impurity profiling of active ingredients and to bioanalytical applications. Original work on all aspects of related research is welcome, such as impurity profiling and identification/quantification of xenobiotics in biological matrices.

In all cases, novelty will be the major suitability criterion of submitted articles. Authors must address the question of how their proposed methodology compares with the previously reported methods.

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