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Fault Diagnosis & Sensors

A section of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220).

Section Information

The "Fault Diagnosis & Sensors" section aims original research related to the latest research and development in the field of sensor faults.

The Fault Diagnosis & Sensors section covers advanced fault diagnosis theory, and techniques based on data fusion, need higher-quality information from multiple types of sensor data. Different techniques for data fusion draw from a broad set of disciplines, such as statistical estimation, observer design, signal and image processing, artificial intelligence, etc., with various applications in vehicle, aerospace and robotics domain, distributed sensor network, and monitoring of manufacturing processes.


  • Data fusion based sensors condition monitoring
  • Data fusion in distributed sensor network
  • Techniques in multi-sensor data fusion
  • Data-driven sensor fault diagnosis
  • Distributed fault diagnosis
  • Data fusion based on nonlinear filtering
  • Data-driven estimation in nonlinear systems

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