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Competence Training for Pharmacy Printed Edition available
(Editor: Jeffrey Atkinson)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 31 Jan 2017 14
Contemporary Issues in Pharmacy Education
(Editor: Ieva Stupans)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 30 Jul 2017 6
Country Profiles of the PHARMINE Survey of European Higher Educational Institutions Delivering Pharmacy Education and Training
(Editor: Jeffrey Atkinson)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 31 Dec 2018 9
Pharmacy Education; Competency and Beyond
(Editor: Martin C Henman)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 31 May 2019 6
Simulation in Pharmacy Education and Beyond
(Editors: Amy L. Seybert, Lawrence R. Kobulinsky)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 30 Nov 2018 8
Technology-Enhanced Learning: The Pharmacy Perspective
(Editor: Lesley Diack)
Pharmacy Education and Student / Practitioner Training 31 Dec 2019
Antibiotic Allergies
(Editor: Meghan Jeffres)
Clinical Pharmacy 1 Jul 2019 1
Pharmacokinetics of Drugs and Dosing in Kidney Disease
(Editors: Linda Awdishu, Soo Min Jang)
Clinical Pharmacy 31 Dec 2019
Communication in Pharmacy Practice Printed Edition available
(Editors: Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, Susanne Kaae)
31 Oct 2018 13
Community Pharmacists and Optimization of Patient Medication Use
(Editors: Sophie Lauzier, Line Guénette)
30 Nov 2019
Community Pharmacy
(Editor: Reem Kayyali)
30 Apr 2016 5
Continuing Professional Development in Pharmacy
(Editor: Zubin Austin)
30 Apr 2020
Data and Development: Drug Utilisation, Pharmacoepidemiology and Health Technology Assessment
(Editors: Therese Kairuz, Samantha Hollingworth)
30 Jun 2020
(Editor: Cheryl A. Sadowski)
30 Jun 2018 7
Deprescribing of Problematic Polypharmacy
(Editor: Duncan Petty)
30 Jun 2019 2
Health Inequality and Pharmacy
(Editors: Vibhu Paudyal, Katie MacLure)
31 Oct 2019 1
History of Medicine, an Essential and Evergreen Tool for Health Scientists
(Editor: Luigi Santacroce)
30 Apr 2020
Impact of Pharmacists in the Community Setting
(Editors: Anandi Law, Micah Hata)
31 Mar 2018 5
Improving Medication Safety: Role of Providers, Patients and Technology
(Editors: Jimmy Jose, Muhammad Abdul Hadi)
30 Nov 2018 5
Medication Management in Care Transitions
(Editors: Emily Hawes, Jamie Cavanaugh)
31 Jan 2020
Medication Use in Pediatrics
(Editors: Sandra Benavides, Shirin Madzhidova)
31 Aug 2019
Medication Wastage
(Editors: Derek Stewart, Lorna Marie West)
31 Mar 2019 4
Medicines Management for the Transition of Care from Hospital to Home
(Editors: Mojtaba Vaismoradi, Tarja Välimäki)
30 Sep 2019
Misuse and Abuse of Medicines
(Editor: Richard Cooper)
31 Oct 2018 2
Novel Systems in Health Care Delivery: Leadership at its Finest
(Editor: Amanda S. Korenoski)
31 May 2019
Online Learning
(Editor: Lesley Diack)
31 Mar 2014 12
Optimising Medicines in Care Homes
(Editors: Wasim Baqir, Graham Stretch)
30 Apr 2019 2
Patient Safety and Adverse Drug Events in Medication Practice
(Editor: Mojtaba Vaismoradi)
31 Jul 2018 6
Patient Self-Management
(Editors: Lorraine Smith, Bandana Saini)
30 Nov 2019
Pharmacist Contraception Services
(Editor: Sally Rafie)
29 Feb 2020
Pharmacist Prescribing
(Editor: Theresa L. Charrois, Clinical Associate Professor and Director—Practice Innovation)
31 Oct 2019
Pharmacist Services
(Editors: Jon Schommer, Anthony Olson)
31 May 2019 19
Pharmacist Services in Community Pharmacies
(Editor: Ally Dering Anderson)
30 Jun 2019
Pharmacy Paediatrics
(Editors: Sandra Benavides, Richard Parrish)
30 Nov 2015 7
Pharmacy Practice-based Research Networks
(Editors: Margie E. Snyder, Stephanie A. Gernant)
30 Jun 2019 1
Pharmacy-based Immunization Services
(Editors: Jeff Goad, Albert Bach, Sharon Xavioer)
30 Sep 2019
Proceedings of the Singapore National Clinical Pharmacy Colloquium – Health Manpower Development Planning
(Editors: Richard Parrish, Lita Chew)
1 Aug 2018 5
Psychotropic Medication Adherence
(Editor: Megan J. Ehret)
31 Jul 2019
Qualitative Methods in Pharmacy Research
(Editors: Gisselle Gallego, Lotte Stig Nørgaard (former Haugbølle))
30 Nov 2017 6
Quality Use of Medicine in Aged Care Homes
(Editor: Sam Kosari)
31 Jul 2019 1
Rare and Imported Paediatric Infections
(Editor: Godwin Oligbu)
30 Apr 2019 3
Rural and Regional Pharmacy Education and Leadership
(Editor: Maree Donna Simpson)
31 Jan 2014 5
Social Pharmacy
(Editors: Janine M. Traulsen, Hanne Herborg)
31 Mar 2016 8
Supporting Vulnerable and Medically Under-served Groups through Community Pharmacy
(Editor: Asam Latif)
31 Mar 2020
The Labor Market for Pharmacists
(Editor: Surrey M. Walton)
30 Sep 2018 7
The Role of Community Pharmacists in Public Health
(Editor: Reem Kayyali)
31 Mar 2019 1
Travel Medicine - Series Ⅰ Printed Edition available
(Editor: Larry Goodyer)
21 Mar 2019 8
Travel Medicine - Series Ⅱ
(Editor: Larry Goodyer)
30 Apr 2020
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