Wood Science and Forest Products

A section of Forests (ISSN 1999-4907).

Section Information

"Wood Science and Forest Products" is a section of Forests that publishes original research studies, applications and review articles describing research on all aspects of wood, including forests and plantations, wood components, and wood-based products. The section also publishes articles on non-wood products derived from forest resources, collectively described as non-timber forest products (NTFP).

Examples of areas included in the Section “Wood Science and Forest Products” include but are not limited to: the anatomy and structure of wood and bark; the physical, mechanical and technological properties of wood, bark and non-timber forest products; wood quality; timber and biomass production and growth; non-timber forest production; wood-based products and composites; recycled wood and wood-based products; the modification, protection and conservation of wood and non-wood products; wood coating; wood adhesives; sustainability in forests production, wood harvest, forest logging, wood quality and forest management; historical wooden artefacts.

These and other research topics are also organized in Special Issues, which are published periodically and disseminate the results of the latest research.

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