Mathematical and Computational Fluid Mechanics

A section of Fluids (ISSN 2311-5521).

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Associate Editor: Prof. Dr. Laura A. Miller

“Mathematical and Computational Fluid Mechanics” is a new section of the peer-reviewed open access journal Fluids, which is focused on theoretical and computational studies of problems in fundamental and applied fluid mechanics. The main aims of this section are (1) to highlight recent advances using mathematical modeling, applied analysis, and numerical simulations to answer problems in modern fluid dynamics, and (2) to disseminate new theoretical and computational frameworks for fluids.

This section invites contributions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Novel mathematical models for understanding contemporary fluid mechanic problems in the life sciences, oceanography, geophysics, magneto-fluid dynamics, astrophysics, and other scientific disciplines;
  • New numerical methods for solving the equations of fluid motion, fluid-structure interaction problems, interfacial flows, etc.;
  • New applications of numerical simulations to understand fluid phenomena, particularly those of relevance to microfluidics, medicine, geophysical fluid dynamics, bioinspired design, and astrophysics;
  • The mathematical analysis of the equations of fluid motion, including the use of perturbation techniques to obtain asymptotic solutions for problems relevant to fundamental and applied fluid dynamics;
  • The use of machine learning in computational fluid dynamics.

Original research papers, reviews, communications, educational papers, or opinions will be considered for publication.

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