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20–21 March 2023 Catalysis 2023—International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (SCOPUS-indexed)

Rome, Italy

We are delighted to invite you to the International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (SCOPUS-indexed), which is to be held on March 20–21, 2023, in Rome, Italy. This conference will mainly be conducted with the theme of “Accumulate your research and ideas for future endeavours in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering”. We emphatically welcome all authors, eminent researchers, professors, students, and delegates to make their valuable presence in this approach to witness the valuable discussions and contribute to the longer-term innovations in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, and technology, especially in the departments of catalysis, chemical engineering, and catalysis in nanotechnology. It is an international platform to prove your knowledge on this concept of catalysis, chemical engineering, and catalysis.

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