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The transportation sector is of utmost importance for both today’s society and future societies, with great impacts on the economy and people’s life comfort. A profound transformation of the sector is underway in technological terms, namely with a consistently increasing trend towards transportation electrification and to autonomous vehicles.

The undergoing changes are disruptive when considering the different aspects of vehicles, including the way in which they are powered, with an increasing number of hybrid, electric, and plug-in vehicles expected on the roads in coming years. Electrification targets passenger cars, commercial vans, buses, and trucks, as well as a diversity of lighter two- and three-wheel vehicles and is currently seen as the key to ensuring sustainable transportation in energy terms.

Recent significant achievements regarding autonomous vehicles and the current trend towards increasingly connected and autonomous vehicles are expected to deeply change the way people travel and use vehicles. Safety and mobility are expected to be improved, with a huge impact on people’s lives and on cities.

The current and expected changes are already having a large impact on the transportation industry and will surely bring new challenges to power and energy systems. The technological changes and the new business models for transportation and vehicle use will significantly change people’s daily lives.

This Section “Electrical and Autonomous Vehicles” addresses the different perspectives of design, development, and usage of electric and autonomous vehicles, as well as their impact on people’s lives, on cities, and on power and energy systems.

The Section welcomes papers on innovative scientific and technical developments, sound case studies, and reviews which are relevant and/or related to “Electrical and Autonomous Vehicles”.

Subject areas

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicles’ impact on traffic operation
  • Autonomous vehicle safety
  • Artificial intelligence applications for vehicles and traffic
  • Big data and machine learning for vehicles and transportation
  • Business models for vehicles and transportation
  • Vehicle ownership and usage models
  • Consumer adoption of autonomous vehicles
  • Consumer adoption of electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicle batteries
  • Electric vehicle battery management systems
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • Electric vehicle charging and discharging management considering the electric grid, renewable energy sources, demand response, and energy storage systems
  • Electric vehicle dynamics
  • Electric vehicle lifecycle assessment
  • Electric vehicle impact on power and energy systems
  • Electric vehicle impact on traffic operation
  • Electric vehicle propulsion systems
  • Electric vehicles and smart cities
  • Electric vehicles and smart grids
  • Electric vehicles and smart homes
  • Electric vehicles and microgrids
  • Electric vehicle parking lot management
  • Electric vehicle safety and fault tolerance
  • Energy and economic policy in transportation
  • Environmental impact of electric vehicles
  • Fuel cell vehicles
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Machine learning/deep learning algorithms for vehicles and transportation
  • Performance of electric vehicles
  • Plug-in vehicles
  • Propulsion systems for electric vehicles
  • Regenerative braking systems
  • Sensing/sensors for vehicles
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Traffic management
  • Smart cities and transportation
  • Vehicle/human interaction
  • Vehicle, driver, and road modeling and simulation
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-business (V2B)
  • Vehicle and transportation infrastructure
  • Vehicle and transportation infrastructure maintenance
  • Vehicles and transportation security

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