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The section Surgical Oncology of Current Oncology is open to contemporary articles of basic, translational, and clinical research for all aspects related to oncological surgery.

A special focus is on multimodal therapies. Currently, surgery is important for therapy in most solid malignancies. However, especially in advanced diseases, surgery is only one part of the optimal approach. Chemotherapies, targeted therapies, radiotherapy, and other local therapies belong to multimodal therapeutic concepts.

Another focus is on personalized approaches. While this concept is frequently employed to select the best, i.e., most specific systemic therapy, it will also guide individualized surgical concepts in the future.
Additional topics of interest include:

  • Novel surgical techniques, especially minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery;
  • Artificial intelligence, intraoperative imaging, and enhanced visualization/reality;
  • Evidenced-based surgery;
  • Interprofessional approaches, training, and education;
  • Basic surgical concepts of disease mechanisms.

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