12 October 2022
Cancers | Top 10 Cited Papers in 2021 in the Section “Cancer Pathophysiology”

1. “PD-L1 Testing and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck: A Multicenter Study on the Diagnostic Reproducibility of Different Protocols”
by Crosta, S.; Boldorini, R.; Bono, F.; Brambilla, V.; Dainese, E.; Fusco, N.; Gianatti, A.; L’Imperio, V.; Morbini, P. and Pagni, F.
Cancers 2021, 13(2), 292;
Available online:

2. “Tumor Heterogeneity in Glioblastomas: From Light Microscopy to Molecular Pathology”
by Becker, A. P.; Sells, B. E.; Haque, S. J. and Chakravarti, A.
Cancers 2021, 13(4), 761;
Available online:

3. “Primary Effusion Lymphoma: A Clinicopathological Study of 70 Cases”
by Hu, Z.; Pan, Z.; Chen, W.; Shi, Y.; Wang, W.; Yuan, J.; Wang, E.; Zhang, S.; Kurt, H.; Mai, B.; Zhang, X.; Liu, H.; Rios, A. A.; Ma, H. Y.; Nguyen, N. D.; Medeiros, L. J. and Hu, S.
Cancers 2021, 13(4), 878;
Available online:

4. “Long, Noncoding RNA Dysregulation in Glioblastoma”
by DeSouza, P. A.; Qu, X.; Chen, H.; Patel, B.; Maher, C. A. and Kim, A. H.
Cancers 2021, 13(7), 1604;
Available online:

5. “Malignant Ascites in Ovarian Cancer: Cellular, Acellular, and Biophysical Determinants of Molecular Characteristics and Therapy Response”
by Rickard, B. P.; Conrad, C.; Sorrin, A. J.; Ruhi, M. K.; Reader, J. C.; Huang, S. A.; Franco, W.; Scarcelli, G.; Polacheck, W. J.; Roque, D. M.; del Carmen, M. G.; Huang, H.-C.; Demirci, U. and Rizvi, I.
Cancers 2021, 13(17), 4318;
Available online:

6. “RalGPS2 Interacts with Akt and PDK1 Promoting Tunneling Nanotubes Formation in Bladder Cancer and Kidney Cells Microenvironment”
by D’Aloia, A.; Arrigoni, E.; Costa, B.; Berruti, G.; Martegani, E.; Sacco, E. and Ceriani, M.
Cancers 2021, 13(24), 6330;
Available online:

7. “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Epigenetic-Centric View of Testicular Germ Cell Tumors”
by Singh, R.; Fazal, Z.; Freemantle, S. J. and Spinella, M. J.
Cancers 2021, 13(7), 1506;
Available online:

8. “Activation of the S100A7/RAGE Pathway by IGF-1 Contributes to Angiogenesis in Breast Cancer”
by Muoio, M. G.; Talia, M.; Lappano, R.; Sims, A. H.; Vella, V.; Cirillo, F.; Manzella, L.; Giuliano, M.; Maggiolini, M.; Belfiore, A. and De Francesco, E. M.
Cancers 2021, 13(4), 621;
Available online:

9. “Inflammatory Mechanisms Underlying Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis and the Transition to Hepatocellular Carcinoma”
by Peiseler, M. and Tacke, F.
Cancers 2021, 13(4), 730;
Available online:

10. “Radio-Iodide Treatment: From Molecular Aspects to the Clinical View”
by De la Vieja, A. and Riesco-Eizaguirre, G.
Cancers 2021, 13(5), 995;
Available online:

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