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This section of Metals covers the field of “Powder Metallurgy”, focusing on a wider understanding of powder development, characterization, shaping, modeling, and powder metallurgy materials. Powder Metallurgy allows a better microstructural design and control, including the opportunities the nanoscale field offers, allowing to compete with other forming technologies in the development of high-performance materials for applications where extreme conditions can be expected. All metallic materials are considered, but also metal matrix composites, hard metals, and tailored microstructural materials. Full density materials, porous materials and foams developed through specific routes of powder metallurgy are also considered.

Regarding technologies, the section will cover any technology that can produce and tailor metallic powders (including atomizing, mechanical alloying, granulation or agglomeration techniques, chemical processes, etc.), conventional Powder Metallurgy technologies, such as press and sintering, special methods of assisted sintering (liquid phase sintering, microwave sintering, field assisted sintering), metal injection molding, and technologies to provide full density materials (hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, powder extrusion, sinter forging, etc.). Powder-based methods to develop materials by additive manufacturing will also be covered by the section. Papers on modeling and simulation of powder metallurgy process or materials will be welcome.

Papers can present experimental or theoretical studies and should focus both on the “material” and on the “technology”. All submitted papers are subject to a rigorous peer-review process, and decision regarding publication is always based on the recommendations of independent referees.

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