Animal Metabolism

A section of Metabolites (ISSN 2218-1989).

Section Information

The ‘Animal metabolism’ section publishes original research articles and review articles on metabolic events in animal feeding, breeding, growth, health, and performance, with a particular focus on the biological roles of metabolites and small-molecule biomarkers. These metabolic events can be investigated through metabolomics, metabolic biochemistry, metabolic physiology, computational and systems biology, and chemistry tools.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal feeding: functional chemicals in animal feed; metabolic fate of feed ingredients; metabolic effects of novel or under-examined feed ingredients; metabolite biomarkers of animal feeding
  • Animal breeding: metabolic phenotypes of new or under-examined breeds; connections between genotypes and metabolic phenotypes; metabolite biomarkers of animal breeding
  • Animal growth: novel metabolic events in animal growth; associations between physiological events and metabolism in animal growth; contribution of microbial metabolism to animal growth; metabolite biomarkers of animal growth
  • Animal health: metabolic causes and consequences of pathophysiological changes; contribution of microbial metabolism to animal health; metabolite biomarkers of animal health
  • Animal performance: metabolic events associated with performance (e.g. milk production, behavior, reproduction); contribution of microbial metabolism to animal performance; metabolite biomarkers of animal performance
  • Methodology: novel methods for studying animal metabolism and metabolite biomarkers, including sample preparation, metabolite analysis, data analysis, and bioinformatics.

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