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The Section Neurology aims to provide a forum for the rapid publication of scientifically sound research in the field of neurology, supporting the worldwide dissemination of information to advance scientific discovery, promote therapeutic development, and enhance clinical practice.

The Section Neurology is aimed at healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, academicians, and scientists globally who are concerned with the functioning and development of the central and peripheral nervous system in health and disease. It will consider outstanding original research articles, reviews, systematic reviews, and commentaries. The section is designed to have interdisciplinary scope with wide appeal over the spectrum of basic, translational, and clinical areas of neurology and neuroscience. It covers a broad range of neurology subspecialties including, but not limited to neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, spinal cord injury, epilepsy/neuro-diagnostics, movement disorders, demyelinating diseases, pediatric neurology, neuromuscular medicine, neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and traumatic brain injury. Subjects of particular interest to readers of Medicina involve neurological care, innovative therapies, underlying mechanisms of etiopathology, recent advances, neuropharmacology, and clinical trials. High priority is given to original research representing major accomplishments and new findings that address major challenges and move the field forward.


  • neurology
  • neuroscience
  • brain
  • spinal cord
  • neurodegeneration
  • synaptic plasticity
  • neuromuscular
  • therapy
  • neuron

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