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Dr. Christof Schneider
E-Mail Website
Materials Group, General Energy Research Department, Paul Scherrer Institut, CH-5232 Villigen, Switzerland, Lecturer ETH Zurich
Fax: +41 56 310 2688
Interests: oxide materials for energy applications: thermoelectrics, ion conductors, battery materials; Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD); multiferroics; interface physics of oxides with strong electronic correlations
Prof. Emilia Morallon
E-Mail Website
Departamento de Química Física e Instituto Universitario de MaterialesUniversidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain
Interests: electrocatalysis, supercapacitors, fuel cells, electrochemical sensors
Prof. Dr. Marko Topic
E-Mail Website
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Interests: Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Modules and Photovoltaic Systems; Semiconductor Materials; Semiconductor Devices; Electronic Circuits; Optoelectronics; Reliability and Maintainability
Assoc. Prof. Kaili Zhang
E-Mail Website
Department of Mechanical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Room Y6700, Yeung Building 83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Interests: Energetics-on-a-chip, Energetic materials, Li-ion battery/supercapacitor, Energy, Thermal science
Prof. Ho Seok Park
E-Mail Website
School of Chemical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), 2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 440-746, Republic of Korea
Tel. 82-31-299-4715
Interests: Energy storage materials and devices; Carbon and 2D nanomaterials; Flexible devices; CO2 capture and conversion
Prof. Nikolai V. Tkachenko
E-Mail Website
Laboratory of Chemistry and Bioengineering, Tampere University of Technology, Korkeakoulunkatu 8, Fi-33720 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 40 748 4160
Interests: Photoactive compounds; molecular films; self-assembled monolayers; organic-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures; quantum dots; photopysics and photochemistry; photoinduced electron transfer; organic and hybrid solar cells; ultrafast spectroscopy
Prof. Bryan M. Wong
E-Mail Website
Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering Program, University of California-Riverside, Riverside, California, USA
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Haejin Hwang
E-Mail Website
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Inha University, 22212, 100, Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea
Interests: ceramics and ceramic-based composites; ceramic powder processing; all solid state batteries; solid oxide fuel cells; inorganic aerogels
Assoc. Prof. Ralf Haiges
E-Mail Website
Department of Chemistry; University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA, California‎, United States
Interests: Energetic Materials; Green Energetic Materials; High Energy Density Matter; X-ray crystallography; Solid state structures; Fluorine Chemistry; Polynitrogen Chemistry; Highnitrogen Compounds
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. PierLuigi Antonucci
E-Mail Website
Civil Engineering, Energy, Environmental and Materials Department, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, 89134 Reggio Calabria, Italy
Interests: Energy Materials; Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; Catalytic Materials; Carbon Materials
Prof. Dr. Je-Hyeong Bahk
E-Mail Website
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0072, USA
Tel. +1-513-556-4608
Interests: Thermoelectric materials; Nanocarbon materials, Charge transport in semiconductors and nanocomposites; Flexible energy conversion devices
Prof. Won Bin Im
E-Mail Website
Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University, 222, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 04763, Korea
Interests: luminescent materials; phosphor; perovskite materials; perovskite LED; QD LED; energy storage materials; cathode; anode
Prof. Dr. S. Joseph Poon
E-Mail Website
Department of Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Interests: thermoelectric materials; high entropy alloys; spintronics
Prof. Milena Salvo
E-Mail Website1 Website2
Department of Applied Science and Technology, Institute of Materials Physics and Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin, Italy
Tel. +39 0110904706
Interests: joining of advanced materials; ceramics; glasses; ceramic matrix composites; oxidation protective coatings; reuse of bottom-ash
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Wilfried van Sark
E-Mail Website
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, Princetonlaan 8a, 3584 CB Utrecht, Netherlands
Interests: integration of photovoltaics systems; PV system performance; building integrated photovoltaics; shade resilient PV; next generation photovoltaics; luminescent solar concentrators; esthetics of PV; nanocrystal; smart grid development
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Arunas Ramanavicius
E-Mail Website
Head of Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Vilnius University, Naugarduko 24, 03225 Vilnius 6,Lithuania;
Tel. +37060032332
Interests: Biosensors, biofuel cells, Nanobiotechnology
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Kevin Van Geem
E-Mail Website
Laboratory for Chemical Technology, Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Interests: high temperature alloys, coatings, bio-materials, catalysts, biomass, Scanning electron microscopy
Prof. Mark H. Rümmeli
E-Mail Website
IFW Dresden, D-01171 Dresden, Germany
Interests: transmission electron microscopy; CVD; 2D materials; synthesis; structure - property relationships
Dr. rer. nat. Ilia Valov
E-Mail Website
Peter Grünberg Institute Electronic Materials (PGI-7) Forschungszentrum Jülich 52425 Jülich Germany; IWE 2, RWTH-Aachen Univeristy, Sommerfeld Str. 24, 52074 Aachen, Germany
Interests: nanoscale electrochemistry; physical chemistry; memrsitors; resistive switching memories; nanoscale processes and phenomena; electrode kinetics; physical chemistry of solids; water electrolysis; electrocatalysis; solid state ionics
Prof. Dr. Siang-Piao Chai
E-Mail Website
Chemical Engineering Discipline, School of Engineering, Monash University, Malaysia
Interests: photocatalysis; catalysis & catalytic materials; energy materials; reaction engineering; low-dimensional materials
Prof. Juan Luis Delgado
E-Mail Website
POLYMAT, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country, Joxe Mari Korta Center - Avda. Tolosa, 7220018, Donostia-San Sebastian (SPAIN)
Tel. +34 943 50 60 64
Interests: Organic Solar Cells; Perovskite Solar Cells; Donor or Acceptor Polymers;Donor or Acceptor Small Organic Molecules;Novel Devices Architectures; Stability; Hole Transporting Layers (HTLs); Electron Transporting Layers (ETLs)
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Aleksey Yaremchenko
E-Mail Website
CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
Interests: solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide electrolysis cells, reversible solid electrolyte cells, high-temperature steam and carbon dioxide electrolysis, mixed-conducting ceramic membranes, MIEC membrane reactors, oxide-based ionic and mixed conductors
Prof. Dr. Konstantin M. Neyman
E-Mail Website
Department de Ciència dels Materials i Química Física and the Institut de Química Teòrica i Computacional, Universitat de Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. (+34) 93 403 7212; Fax: (+34) 93 402 1231
Interests: computer modelling; electronic structure; advanced materials; nanostructures; reactivity; catalysis; hydrogen technology; energy storage; surface phenomena; understanding at the atomic level
Prof. Dr. Pedro Gómez-Romero
E-Mail Website
NEO-Energy Group, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ICN2 (CSIC-BIST), Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain; The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain
Interests: energy materials; Hybrid nanocomposites; supercapacitors; Li batteries; graphene; nanofluids; nanopaste batteries/supercapacitors; flow cells
Prof. Sofoklis Makridis
E-Mail Website1 Website2
Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Patras, Greece
Tel. +306944573831
Interests: STEM, hydrides; hydrogen storage and compression; nanocomposite intermetallics in polymer matrices; CFD modeling; permanent magnetic materials; carbon dioxide transport and capture; thermoelectrics, hydrogen&fuel cells, electrolyzers
Dr. Paz Vaqueiro
E-Mail Website
Department of Chemistry, School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AD, UK
Interests: solid state chemistry; materials chemistry; materials for energy conversion technologies; solvothermal synthesis; sulfides; selenides; tellurides; crystallography; neutron diffraction; thermoelectric materials
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Vincenzo Baglio
E-Mail Website
CNR-ITAE Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies “N. Giordano”, Via Salita S. Lucia sopra Contesse 5, Messina 98126, Italy
Interests: materials for energy, electrochemistry, fuel cells, batteries, electrolysis, photo-electrochemical cells, physico-chemical characterisation
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Joshua M. Pearce
E-Mail Website
Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931, USA
Interests: sustainability; renewable energy; solar photovoltaic technology; pollution sensors; open hardware; open source scientific hardware; 3-D printing sensors
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Federico Bella
E-Mail Website
Group for Applied materials and Electrochemistry - GAME Lab, Department of Applied Science and Technology - DISAT, Politecnico di Torino, Duca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129 Torino, Italy
Tel. +39 0110904643
Interests: perovskite solar cells; dye-sensitized solar cells; sodium batteries; polymer electrolytes; integrated devices
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Lorena Pardo
E-Mail Website
Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC. c/ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 3. 24049-Madrid, Spain
Interests: piezoceramics; ferroelectrics; processing; characterization
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Durga Misra
E-Mail Website
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ 07102 USA
Interests: High-K Dielectrics Materials and Devices; Gate Stack Reliability; CMOS Devices on Alternate Substrates; Photodiodes
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Lioz Etgar
E-Mail Website
Institute of Chemistry , the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Casali center for applied Chemistry,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Edmond J Safra Campus, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, 9190401, Israel
Interests: photovoltaic solar cells; physics of semiconductor materials; synthesis of nanomaterials; optical properties of nanomaterials; organic-inorganic perovskite; quantum dots; perovskite based solar cells; quantum solar cells; dye sensitized solar cells; photoactive materials
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Ravi Pandey
E-Mail Website
Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University, 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931, USA
Interests: materials theory; multiscale modeling; low dimensional materials; electronic structure theory
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Phillips
E-Mail Website
Department of Physics, Spanagel Hall, Room 203, 833 Dyer Road, Monterey, CA 93943-5216, USA
Interests: heterogeneous catalysts; carbon materials; plasma generated materials; dielectrics metal particle synthesis; material-radical interactions; energy storage; microcalorimetry; mossbauer spectroscopy; quantum mechanics; plasma physics
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Jérôme Chevalier
E-Mail Website
Materials Science Department, MATEIS, University of Lyon, INSA-LYON, UMR CNRS 5510, France
Interests: biomaterials; ceramics; mechanics of materials
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Guoxiu Wang
E-Mail Website
Centre for Clean Energy Technology School of Chemistry and Forensic Science University of Technology Sydney Broadway, Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia
Fax: +61 2 9514 1460
Interests: Lithium ion battery, Supercapacitor, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Graphene, Carbon materials
Prof. Dr. Frederik C. Krebs
E-Mail Website
Elite Science Bagsværdvej 147B DK-2800 Lyngby Denmark
Interests: organic solar cells, roll-to-roll processing, tandem solar cells, organic electrochromics, solar cell testing
Dr. Peter Loutzenhiser
Georgia Institute of Technology, George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0405, USA
Interests: using concentrated solar energy for producing solar fuels; investigation of novel redox reactions for solar thermochemical cycles; chemical reduction of CO2 and mixtures of CO2-H2O in two-step solar thermochemical cycles with redox reactions
PD Dr. Dominik Brühwiler
E-Mail Website
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Einsiedlerstrasse 31, CH-8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland
Interests: mesoporous materials; zeolites; host-guest inclusion compounds; energy transfer; luminescence; solar energy conversion
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Martin M. Frank
E-Mail Website
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA
Interests: silicon; compound semiconductors; metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs); high-k gate dielectrics; metal gate electrodes; ferroelectrics; semiconductor-dielectric interfaces
Dr. Gerald Anthony Murphy
Formerly Colorants Research Basel, BASF Schweiz AG (retired) Freelance editor and translator.
Interests: synthesis of dyes and pigments; anthraquinone; cyanine; azo and cationic dyes; electronic materials; process development and process safety
Prof. Haolin Tang
E-Mail Website
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology, 122 Luoshi Road, 430070 Wuhan, China
Interests: fuel cells; Li-ion battery; electrochemical energy materials; nanostructured electrolyte; electrocatalyst; self-assembling hybrid materials
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
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