Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Mechanics

A section of Fluids (ISSN 2311-5521).

Section Information

Associate Editor: Prof. Dr. Pavel S. Berloff

This section deals with broad range of the following topics on geophysical and environmental fluids:

  • Rotating and stratified fluids
  • Material transport, strirring and mixing
  • Circulation of atmospheres and oceans
  • Geophysical turbulence
  • Waves, jets and vortices
  • Fluid dynamics in climate modelling
  • Parameterization of small-scale processes
  • Laminar flows, instabilities, transition to turbulence
  • Lava and mantle flows
  • Fluid phenomena in the magnetosphere
  • Drops and bubbles in the environment
  • Flows in complex terrains
  • Observations and lab experiments
  • Gravity currents
  • Convection and heat transport
  • Air-sea interactions
  • Computational methods for geophysical fluids
  • Multiphase flows in porous media

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