Flow of Multi-Phase Fluids and Granular Materials

A section of Fluids (ISSN 2311-5521).

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Associate Editor: Prof. Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi

“Flow of Multiphase Fluids and Granular Materials” is a new section of the peer-reviewed open access journal Fluids. This section is concerned with the theoretical, computational, and experimental studies of granular and multiphase flows. This section invites contributions on all aspects of multiphase flows, including the following topics:

  • Modeling and simulations of granular and multiphase flows (gas-solid, gas-liquid, Liquid-solid, liquid-liquid);
  • Experimental studies of granular and multiphase flows;
  • Applications of multiphase flows in the environmental, biomedical, and geophysical science and engineering;
  • Novel industrial applications of multiphase flows;
  • The use of machine learning in multiphase flows.

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