Diversity 2019 Best Paper Awards

Winner announcement date (expired): 31 December 2019
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The editorial team would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Diversity Best Paper Award. The nominations were made by a selection committee, which was chaired by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Michael Wink, and supported by Five Editorial Board Members. The two top-voted papers, in no particular order, have won the 2019 Diversity Best Paper Award:

Species Richness and Relative Abundance of Reef-Building Corals in the Indo-West Pacific
DeVantier, L.; Turak, E.
Diversity 2017, 9, 25. https://www.mdpi.com/1424-2818/9/3/25

Positive Diagnosis of Ancient Leprosy and Tuberculosis Using Ancient DNA and Lipid Biomarkers
Donoghue, H.D.; Taylor, G.M.; Stewart, G.R.; Lee, O.Y.-C.; Wu, H.H.T.; Besra, G.S.; Minnikin, D.E.
Diversity 2017, 9, 46. https://www.mdpi.com/1424-2818/9/4/46

Please join us in congratulating the winners, whom we thank for having chosen Diversity to publish their work.

In recognition of their accomplishment, the authors will collectively receive a cash award of 500 CHF, and the privilege of publishing an additional research article or review paper free of charge in open access format in Diversity after the usual peer-review procedure.

Additional thanks go out to the selection committee for its efforts in choosing the winners:

Prof. Dr. Maria Augustyniak
Prof. Dr. Carlo Nike BIANCHI
Dr. Vitor H. Paiva
Dr. Eugenia Apostolaki
Dr. Matthieu Chauvat

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