26 June 2024
Current Oncology Receives an Updated Impact Factor of 2.8 and CiteScore of 3.3

We are pleased to share that the Current Oncology (ISSN: 1718-7729) was awarded an increased Impact Factor of 2.8 in the 2023 Journal Citation Reports™ released by Clarivate in June 2024. The Current Oncology ranks upgraded from Q3 to Q2 (157 among 322 titles) in the “Oncology” category.

Additionally, according to data released by Scopus (Elsevier), the Current Oncology received an updated CiteScore™ of 3.3, an increase of 27% compared with the 2022 metric. Current Oncology’s CiteScore ranks Q3 (238 among 404 titles) in the “Oncology” category.


2023 Impact Factor

157/322 (Q2)



Citations in 2023


2023 CiteScore

238/404 (Q3)




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Current Oncology Editorial Office

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