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A section of Behavioral Sciences (ISSN 2076-328X).

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Health Psychology is a landmark Section of the Behavioral Sciences journal and a prime Section of the expanding discipline that is health psychology. This Section is supported by a well-respected team of scholars. It provides a unique area with an aim to advance all aspects of psychology that directly relate to illness, health and behavior.

Researchers will be encouraged to utilize a range of methodologies and approaches that are able to challenge current thinking. The range can include traditional experimental research through to ethnographic-based research. We will actively encourage novel methodologies using various paradigmatic positions taken to view the world. We require that all experimental-based research provides a registration number with a trial registry website and would generally expect reviews to have protocols. We will accept protocols.

The following areas will be a focus, including how chronic illnesses are experienced by individuals and managed, the response of people to health-related interventions, the identification of screening and assessment of illness and ill health, the psychometric properties of tools that consider health, behavior change interventions that influence psychological health outcomes, the understanding of psycho-emotional responses to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment approaches, and the correlates and mediators that influence health-related quality of life and the prevention of ill health.

Studies published in this journal will require full ethical approval from an institutional-based ethics board. 

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