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22–26 February 2023 Neuroaesthetics Conference 2023

Suceava, Romania

The Neuroaesthetics Lab at the University of Suceava, in collaboration with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and the University of Bergen, invites everyone to participate in its inaugural international conference. The conference title intentionally suggests a broad scope, inviting reflection and debate on the interplay between biological universals involved in aesthetic perception and geographically and/or socially situated cultural contexts. The conference title also alludes to the empirical approach developed by the German experimental psychologist and philosopher, Theodor Fechner, in 1876: ‘aesthetics from below’ requires the study of a phenomenon using empirical and scientific analysis methods, whereas ‘aesthetics from above’ refers to the birds-eye view provided by philosophers and to the assessment of a phenomenon through deep introspection, offered by philosophers of art, as well as the artists themselves, through their work. We therefore aim to select a balanced set of paper presentations, posters, or workshop proposals that use quantitative methods (studying ‘aesthetics from below’), qualitative methods (studying ‘aesthetics from above’), or, indeed, combinations of both. Artists who wish to present work that links to neuroscience or psychological science are warmly invited to participate. The conference is funded through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021—Norway Grants within the PoeticA project (RO-NO-2019-0091). There is no conference fee.

Keynote speakers: Prof. Emeritus Ronald Hübner, Psychology, University of Konstanz; Prof. Claus-Christian Carbon, General Psychology and Methodology, University of Bamberg; Dr. Marco Bertamini, General Psychology, University of Padova; Dr. Claudia Muth, Psychology of Design, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design; Prof. Christer Johansson with Prof. Per Olav Folgerø, Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen.

Bursaries: Available for students, doctoral researchers, early career researchers, or junior academics. Each bursary includes hotel accommodation with breakfast and lunch.

To participate, please submit a presentation or workshop abstract, poster title, or, in the case of artists, artwork photos/videos to Tudor Balinisteanu, [email protected] by 15 December 2022 (first deadline).

Please check the conference website, which will be updated regularly:

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