8 June 2018
Meet us at the EUROSENSORS 2018 Conference (Booth #13), Graz, Austria, 9–12 September 2018

We will be attending the EUROSENSORS 2018 conference. EUROSENSORS 2018 will be hosted in Graz, Austria’s second largest city, with a beautiful historic old town that is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The conference venue will be the University of Graz, founded in 1585, which is one of the largest universities in Austria with about 32,500 students. Many excellent scientists, including six Nobel laureates such as Erwin Schroedinger, Otto Loewi and Viktor Hess, have taught and researched here.

All the accepted Eurosensors 2018 submissions will also be published in open access form in the MDPI journal Proceedings. For the publications from Eurosensors 2017, please visit at:

Representatives of the following open access journals will attend:




For more information, please access the website:

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