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Prof. Dr. Francesco Cappello
Department of Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics, University of Palermo, 90127 Palermo, Italy
Prof. Dr. Mugurel Constantin Rusu
Division of Anatomy, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Carol Davila din Bucuresti, 020021 Bucharest, Romania

Human Anatomy and Pathophysiology, 2nd Volume

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31 March 2023
Manuscript submission deadline
31 May 2023
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Dear Colleagues,

Anatomists are scientists who study how the human body is made for correlating structure with function and dysfunction at all levels, from macroscopic to microscopic, from ultrastructural to molecular ones.

Human anatomy provides researchers of many disciplines and areas with all the basic information to effectively plan their experiments and interpret their results.

Hence, this article collection intends to gather review and original papers on human anatomy, histology, and embryology, as well as other closely related medical fields—e.g., physiology, pharmacology, radiology, surgery, clinical medicine, etc.—that have an anatomical focus.

Particular attention will be given to computed tomography studies. Furthermore, we would like to collect papers about phylogenesis, bioethics, and history of science, especially those that have an anatomical perspective. Sport, physical exercise, nutrition, and active aging can be academic fields of interest for an anatomist as well. Finally, bioengineering and regenerative medicine need knowledge in human anatomy for their advancements.

In conclusion, we welcome submissions to Anatomia, Biology, Medicina, Pathophysiology and Tomography that cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Advances in human anatomy, histology, and embryology teaching and research;
  • Anatomy in computed tomography;
  • Advances in the pathophysiology of human organs or anatomical districts;
  • Bioengineering the human body;
  • Bioethical aspects in biomedical research on human anatomy and pathobiology;
  • Clinical, surgical, and radiological anatomy: new insights; 
  • From human anatomy to pathophysiology: experimental models;
  • Effects of physical exercise on the maintenance and/or improvement of healthy status;
  • Extracellular vesicles: looking for new markers of health and disease;
  • History of anatomy and medicine: learning from our past;
  • How a healthy lifestyle can slow down senescence and contribute to active aging;
  • How cell stress can influence cell differentiation, tissue homeostasis, and organ remodeling during the whole lifespan of an individual;
  • Human body structures from a phylogenetic point of view;
  • Liquid biopsy as a new frontier of medicine, including personalized;
  • Microbiota/microbiome and its relationship with human body structures;
  • Molecular anatomy: the relationship between shape and function at the molecular level;
  • Neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neuropathology: new discoveries;
  • Nutrition, sport, and health: looking for a virtuous combination;
  • Stem cells, 3D cultures, and outgrowth in regenerative medicine;
  • Using the corpse: usefulness of cadavers in medical training.

Prof. Dr. Francesco Cappello
Prof. Dr. Mugurel Constantin Rusu
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