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School of Law and Business, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan, China
Dr. Kun Duan
School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

Digital Intelligence Leads Environmental Regulation: A New Paradigm for Green Sustainable Development

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2 October 2025
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31 December 2025
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Dear Colleagues,

The digital intelligence era offers a new perspective on environmental regulation and sustainable development, in which advanced intelligent technologies and data science tools play a key role. Specifically, digital governance is emerging as a central driver for a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery of the global economy and society. Through data-driven decision-making models, digital environmental regulatory tools can more accurately diagnose problems and provide key indicators for sustainable economic and social development. For example, through innovative strategies such as smart climate monitoring, digital environmental assessment, and smart city construction, we can more effectively promote the low-carbon transformation and the green transformation, thus promoting sustainable and healthy economic growth. However, in the process of green transition of major economies, the relationship between environmental regulatory instruments and economic and social development in the context of digital intelligence still faces challenges and uncertainties. Some critical research questions remain to be answered (1) How to better identify the interaction between environmental regulation and sustainable development in the global wave of digital intelligence? (2) How can digital intelligence empower environmental regulation to facilitate the implementation of the systematic sustainable development framework? (3) How can new data models and algorithms be introduced to quantify the impact of environmental regulation on sustainable economic and social development? This topic welcomes innovative research related to the application of smart technologies in environmental monitoring, energy efficiency driven by smart technologies, heterogeneous environmental regulation for carbon reduction, adaptive climate policy approaches for climate governance, data science for green innovation and renewable energy, the role of data science in resource management, etc. These studies will help contribute to a clear comprehension of the relationship between environmental regulation and sustainable development in the era of digital intelligence.

Dr. Da Gao
Dr. Kun Duan
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  • environmental regulation
  • digital Intelligence
  • smart technology
  • sustainability
  • urban planning
  • energy efficiency
  • low-carbon development
  • climate governance

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