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Acting in accordance with the overall aims of the journal, the Section titled “Vaccines Adjuvants” publishes original research and review articles. This Section welcomes original research and review articles describing current experimental and conceptual advances in the development and use of Vaccine Adjuvants.


Infectious diseases in livestock are a major threat to global animal health and welfare. In addition, contamination of our animal-sourced food with infectious disease is an international food safety issue. Vaccines are the most powerful tools to combat infectious diseases. Although whole microorganism-based vaccines can provide efficient protection against pathogens, they are not always entirely safe and may induce undesirable immune responses.

To enhance vaccine immunogenicity, suitable adjuvants and targeted antigen delivery carriers are needed. While available, animal vaccine adjuvants and carriers are limited. It is necessary that we formulate novel strategies to develop non-toxic adjuvants and less immunogenic vaccine delivery carriers to treat various animal diseases.

This Section covers all topics relevant to Vaccine Adjuvants for human and animal use including safety and effectiveness, adjuvants for the elderly and the very young, adjuvants for systemic and mucosal vaccines, the immune mechanisms driven by adjuvants. The section will publish different types of manuscripts, including short reports, full-size papers, and reviews. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review.


  • adjuvants
  • mucosal vaccines
  • immune mechanisms driven by adjuvants

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