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The editors of the “Marine and Freshwater Toxins” section of Toxins invites the submission of high quality manuscripts that report new investigations into all aspects of research on naturally occurring toxins associated with aquatic (i.e. marine and freshwater) systems, including those from animals, plants and microbes, on topics including, but not limited to: venoms and poisons from marine and freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates; toxins from marine and freshwater plants; toxins from macro- and microalgae, including cyanobacteria, associated with “harmful algal blooms”; toxins from aquatic microbes, including bacteria and fungi; isolation and chemical characterization of new toxins; mechanisms of toxin action; analytical chemistry studies of toxins in aquatic habitats; novel approaches to investigating aquatic toxins, and the use of relevant model systems for understanding aquatic toxins; novel targets or modes-of-action for aquatic toxins; the role of toxins in the chemical ecology of aquatic systems; bioaccumulation of aquatic toxins; limnology and oceanography in relation to toxin-producing aquatic organisms. The editors will also consider reviews that summarize current thinking or present controversial viewpoints for further discussion. Short communications that report important self-contained observations are also welcome.


oceans; lakes; venoms; poisons; biodiversity; aquatic vertebrates; fish; aquatic invertebrates; sponges; jellyfish; molluscs; zooplankton; shellfish; seafood; aquatic plants; macroalgae; seaweed; microalgae; harmful algal blooms; phytoplankton; euthrophication; drinking water; aquatic microbes; bacteria; fungi; isolation and chemical characterization; toxicology; biological activity; screening studies; aquatic animal models; genomics; proteomics; metabolomics; molecular techniques; remote sensing; environmental health; neurotoxicity; hepatoxicity; cytotoxicity; dermatotoxicity; novel toxins; chemical ecology; allelopathy; limonology; oceanography; bioaccumulation; biomagnification; trophic transfer; environmental health; recreational exposure

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