Energy and Catalysis

A section of Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991).

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The Section “Energy and Catalysis” aims to publish original and high-quality research, communications, articles, and review articles in the areas of nanoparticle design, synthesis and mechanistic aspects, modeling, and catalytic application of nanomaterials, with a particular focus on energy, biomass, and sustainable chemical processes.

The focus of the section is on the understanding of the formation of metal nanoparticles with a specific focus on the morphology, including unsupported and supported colloidal nanoparticles with alloy and core–shell structures for (i) energy production including catalytic, photocatalytic, and electrochemical processes, (ii) biomass conversion, and (iii) sustainable chemical processes. Emphasis will be given to the (i) the rational design and synthesis of advanced nanomaterials, (ii) the basic and advanced characterization of understanding their structures and active sites, (iii) the understanding of the nanoparticle formation and reaction mechanisms, and (iv) computational methods for the design of nanomaterials and structure–activity correlations.

All manuscripts submitted for publication under this section will be reviewed by expert Section Editors and undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our goal is to publish high-quality, impactful research in the areas of energy, sustainable catalysis, and design of nanoparticle formation.

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