2D and Carbon Nanomaterials

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The Section “2D and Carbon Nanomaterials” aims to publish original research and review articles on the fabrication, the characterization, the physical and chemical properties, and the applications of two-dimensional (2D) and carbon nanomaterials.

The section is dedicated to the fast-growing families of layered and non-layered 2D materials, with a focus on their fabrication and characterization techniques; their structural, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties; as well as on their applications in any domains. Particular attention is devoted to heterojunctions between 2D materials and to hybrid systems obtained via integration with other low-dimensional nanomaterials or with bulk materials.

Articles on the structural, electronic, and optoelectronic properties of carbon nanomaterials such as graphene, nanotubes, nanocones, nanofibers, nanodots, nanodiamonds, and fullerenes etcetera, as well as on their fabrication and investigation methods or on their applications, are highly welcome in this section.

All manuscripts submitted for publication under this section will be reviewed by expert Section Editors and will undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our goal is to publish high-quality, impactful research on the synthesis, manipulation, characterization, properties, and applications of 2D and carbon nanomaterials. We consider both experimental and theoretical works as well as simulation studies, preferably supported by experimental evidence.

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