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Smart Materials

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

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Smart materials can overcome the limitations of their inherent material properties by exploiting the unique design and structures of the materials. Smart materials are designed to significantly change in a controlled fashion in response to external stimuli, such as stress, moisture, electric or magnetic fields, light, temperature, pH, or chemical compounds in various applications involving sensors and actuators, or artificial muscles, robotics, etc.

The “Smart Materials” section is a forum for the rapid publication of works pertaining to the preparation, characterization, and application of all smart materials. The scope of Smart Materials comprises, without being limited to, various applications in sensors and actuator, soft robotics, wearable electronics, flexible/stretchable electronics, energy generation and storage devices, displays, and shape memory polymers by utilizing the concept of smart materials. Both experimental and theoretical studies along with novel characterization methods will be covered. All manuscripts to be considered for publication in this section will undergo a rigorous peer review process, and decisions are based on the recommendations of independent reviewers.

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