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Catalytic Materials

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

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This section, “Catalytic Materials”, publishes original contributions detailing the synthesis, design, characterization, and catalytic applications of materials. Fields covered include all types of synthesis methods, the characterization of catalysts, and mechanisms of catalytic reactions. Synthesis methods include sol gel, precipitation, co-precipitation, hydrothermal alteration, incipient wetness, chemical vapor deposition, pulsed laser deposition, chemical vapor infiltration, and many other methods. Characterization involves numerous methods of analysis to study surface and bulk compositions, structure, electronic properties, thermal stability, morphology, and others. All catalytic reactions are of interest and different mechanisms of activation such as thermal, photochemical, electrical, photoelectrochemical, ultrasonic, microwave, and others are appropriate. Both homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis areas will be considered. Emphasis will be placed on in situ and in operando characterization of catalysts. Some current areas of interest include water splitting, the activation of carbon dioxide, hydrogen generation, selective oxidation, structure sensitive reactions, computational modeling, single atom catalysis, the use of high throughput methods in catalysis, the design of experiments, and others. The combination of computational modeling and experimental methods to study catalytic materials and help design new systems is a current area of interest. Environmental catalysis is an area of current growth and may involve the design of new green catalysts, new environmentally friendly processes, and new types of clean reactions and reactors.

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