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The Reproductive and Developmental Biology Section of the journal Life publishes peer-reviewed scientific and original articles/reviews on a broad range of topics in the field of Reproductive and developmental biology for both researchers and clinicians.

This section ranges from the molecular biology of reproduction through reproductive immunology, reproductive toxicology, environmental factors and reproductive health. We also encourage clinical research studies with in-depth knowledge of molecular and cellular aspects of reproduction and development. Meanwhile, research in disease and dysfunction of reproduction and reproductive organs are of great interest.

  1. Human and Animals Reproductive and Developmental Biology
    • Testis and sperm
    • Ovary and oocyte
    • Pregnancy
    • Embryogenesis
    • Reproduction and fertility
    • Stem cells
    • Genetics
    • Placentation
    • Placental development
    • Fetal growth and development
    • Fetal programming
    • Teratology
    • Feto-maternal interaction in placenta
    • Placental biology (i.e., nutrition, metabolism, and transport)
    • Placental immunology
    • Placental pathology
    • Pharmacology
    • Toxicology
    • Immunology
  1. Reproductive system disease
  2. Environmental effects on reproductive and developmental health
  3. Plant reproductive and developmental biology
    • Sexual reproduction
    • Asexual reproduction
    • Pollen abortion
    • Abortion
    • Embryo sac development
    • Tissue and organ morphogenesis

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