Fungi in Agriculture and Biotechnology

A section of Journal of Fungi (ISSN 2309-608X).

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Scope of the section (note that all include fungi, yeasts and fungal-like organisms, as oomycota):
• Fungi as pathogens of crop plants (including postharvest pathogens) and seaweeds.
• Fungi as a sustainable tool in Pest and Disease Management in Crops.
• Fungi useful in Agriculture to improve crop yield and the quality of the harvested products (vegetables, fruits, etc.) by means of positive effects on plant physiology and stress tolerance.
• Fungi used in Food and Beverage Industry (e.g.: bread, wine, beer, cheese, kéfir, etc.).
• Fungi that produde mycotoxins that cause problems in Food and Beverage Industry.
• Fungi as a source of compounds with antibiotic and/or pharmacological activity useful in Medicine, Veterinary, Food Industry and/or Agriculture.
• Fungi as a source of biomass useful in Industry
• Fungi useful in energy generation (e.g.: bioetanol production, etc.)
• Applications of fungi in nanotechnology
• Any other research focused on innovation in applied mycology

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