Affiliated Societies

Medical Mycological Society of the Americas (MMSA)

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First organized in April 30, 1966, the mission of the Medical Mycological Society of the America (MMSA) is [1] to promote medical mycology as a flourishing and distinct division of medical microbiology, [2] to unite all medical mycologists under a central organization that will recognize their needs and represent their interests, [3] to encourage fellowship among its members, and [4] to provide recognition to distinguished medical mycologists at all stages of careers through sponsored awards.

Spanish Phytopathological Society (SEF)

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The Spanish Phytopathological Society (SEF) is an association of professionals working in the field of plant pathology that aims:

  • to promote, facilitate, integrate and disseminate knowledge in the different areas of Plant Pathology;
  • to foster actions which enhance research and academic teaching in the field of Plant Pathology in Spain, as well as direct actions contributing to disease control;
  • to facilitate interactions among Spanish Plant Pathologists, as well as with experts from other related fields;
  • to establish relationships with allied societies from Spain or elsewhere.

The Spanish Phytopathological Society was established on September 24, 1981, at the VI Annual Meeting of the Specialized Group in Microbial Phytopathology of the Spanish Society of Microbiology. The SEF is formed by a diverse community of scientists that are interested in promoting a deeper knowledge of plant pathogens and the diseases they cause to finally adopt environmentally sustainable practices to ensure plant health.

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