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10 February 2021
International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2020 Review

During 2020, IJMS had many achievements. The impact factor of IJMS increased to 4.556 and the journal entered Q1 in the category “Biochemistry Molecular Biology” for the first time and ranked No.4 in Q2 in the category “Chemistry Multidisciplinary”. At the same time, IJMS achieved the top position for annual publications across journals in both categories, which, overall, published 9705 papers last year. Our Editorial Board is growing as well, now comprising of approximately 5000 experts in the research field of molecular sciences, offering valuable scientific advice and strong academic support.

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Collections/Special Issues:

Recent Advances in T Cell Immunity

T cells are a key player in the adaptive immune system, and research in cellular immunology provides an understanding of T cell recognition, activation and dysregulation and their roles in infectious diseases, allergy, and cancer. A hallmark of T cells is their incredible diversity, achieved by their T cell receptor (TCR). Further diversity is seen in their target molecule, the Major Histocompatibility (MHC) complex. This diversity is critical as it facilitates the recognition of an almost infinite range of antigens that T cells will have to face over their lifetimes.

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Read full list of call for papers at https://www.mdpi.com/journal/ijms/special_issues.

On behalf of the editorial team, we would like to express our gratitude to the Editor-in-Chief of IJMS, all Section Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members, as well as to the Guest Editors of Special Issues, Topic Board Members, and Reviewer Board Members, all of whom have ensured the continued success of the journal through their hard work and diligence!

In 2021, IJMS will continue to contribute to academic exchange and sharing of knowledge.

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