Diagnostics Events

8–9 November 2018 6th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress

London, UK

Oxford Global would like to present to you the 6th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress to be held on the 8-9 November 2018 in London. It is an outstanding and comprehensive programme discussing the critical developments in Single Cell technologies and tool development, Single Cell analysis, drug and therapeutic development and personalised healthcare.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain Insights From The Discussion Workshop and Breakfast: 10x Genomics Platform – Updates On The Human Cell Atlas Project
  • Discover The Latest Solutions Single Cell Analysis: in sample preparation, single cell isolation, capture & purification, RNA processing and splicing, gene regulation, bioinformatics management and workflow analysis
  • Benefit From Pharma Focused Presentations: the use of single cell technologies in drug discovery and development and therapeutic development
  • Leveraging From Healthcare Focused Presentations: benchmarking RNA Seq sequencing technologies in the clinic, biopsies and single cell analyses to improve stratification of patient and diagnosis


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