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The Current Oncology thoracic malignancy section encompasses research topics related to neoplasms arising from the lung, pleura, and thymus. These tumours can be highly lethal and prompt diagnosis and initiation of appropriate therapy is paramount. Treatment is stage dependent and can include a combination of surgery, radiation, and systemic therapy.

Early-stage disease is treated definitively with local therapies and adjuncts in the form of systemic therapy (immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and biologics) and radiation. Local ablative therapies also play a role in early-stage disease. The exact nature and benefit of adjunctive therapies in early-stage disease, as well as the role of local ablative therapies in early-stage disease, are areas of research evolving at a rapid pace. 

In advanced disease, the understanding of the molecular characteristics of thoracic tumours, notably non-small cell lung cancer, has paved the way for advanced tumour diagnostics and targeted treatments that improve patients’ survival and quality of life. Understanding the disease biology, drivers of malignancy, and mechanisms of resistance to targeted treatment are priorities in current and future research. 

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