Building Materials, and Repair & Renovation

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“Building Materials and Repair and Renovation” is a popular Section of the journal “Buildings”, with a large number of published articles. The objective of this section is to collect and spread valuable scientific research dealing with innovative, smart, and eco-friendly building materials addressing the general sustainability of buildings and infrastructure systems. This section also focuses on promoting and disseminating materials, tools, and techniques related to the repair and rehabilitation of older structures and building components in an eco-friendly manner. Multidisciplinary research and cross-cutting techniques are encouraged with the support of a broad range of methodological and technical approaches, such as advanced experimental tests, numerical methods, and artificial intelligence.


  • smart building materials
  • sustainable and low-carbon building materials
  • green and ecofriendly building materials
  • recycled building materials
  • innovative building materials
  • life cycle impact analysis
  • circular economy
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • heritage buildings and structures
  • structural deterioration
  • novel repair methods
  • eco-friendly retrofitting methods
  • building automation systems
  • building information modeling

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