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The theory of evolution holds a pivotal position in biology, pervading and helping to explain a vast number of features, mechanisms, and processes studied by the different disciplines comprising the vast area of biological research. However, the theory itself can be subjected to reconsideration in the light of new advances in the biological sciences. Historically, evolutionary biology has always advanced by confronting views held among schools and disciplines, contributing to the development (after lengthy debate and appropriate testing) and to the consolidation of the theory of evolution as we know it today. Such debates are still active and should continue in the future. The ‘Evolutionary Biology’ section of Biology sets out to be a forum to debate the theory of evolution with a view to progressing in its explanatory potential of the living world. The section will welcome manuscripts (reviews, original articles, positioning papers, etc.) as well as Special Issues that contribute to developing the field of evolutionary biology.


  • theory of evolution
  • microevolution
  • macroevolution
  • evo-devo
  • evolutionary systems biology
  • evolutionary genomics
  • phylogenetics
  • evolutionary thinking
  • history and philosophy of evolutionary biology

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