Antibiofilm Strategies

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Welcome to the novel Section Antibiofilm Strategies. This Section intends to cover and publish all aspects related to the control of biofilms. This field includes, among others, new antimicrobials active against microbes organized in biofilms, modifications of surfaces to prevent biofilm formation, new compounds interfering with the communication of cells in biofilms, antimicrobials dispersing existing biofilms, and the shaping of biofilm communities to suppress pathogens, e.g., via applications of probiotics and the suppressing of virulence factors in biofilms.

We welcome not only the control of pathogens growing as biofilms but also the interaction of commensals with pathogens in biofilms. We are also seeking reports and concepts of using antimicrobials to increase the sensitivity of pathogens in biofilms against antibiotics. With this broad scope, we intend to attract new ideas and concepts for the control of pathogenic biofilms and the enhancement of beneficial effects of commensal biofilm communities.

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