Water Use and Irrigation

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Water is a vital resource for human survival, agricultural productivity, and ecosystem stability. Water scarcity and the need for sustainable agricultural practices have become pressing global concerns. The "Water Use and Irrigation" section aims to explore the various aspects related to water utilization and management in the context of agricultural practices, environmental sustainability, and water resource planning. This section welcomes contributions that shed light on innovative techniques, research findings, policy frameworks, and case studies that address the challenges and opportunities associated with water use and irrigation. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

(1) Crop Water Requirements and Agronomic Practices: Manuscripts investigating the water needs of various crops, plant–water relations, crop growth and physiological responses to water stress, water stress tolerance, crop selection for water-limited environments, and agronomic practices that optimize water utilization and improve water use efficiency in dryland and irrigated agriculture. Additionally, studies examining the impacts of climate change on crop water requirements and the adaptation strategies employed in water-scarce regions are of interest.

(2) Irrigation Techniques and Efficiency: Manuscripts focused on the evaluation, improvement, and comparison of conventional and water-saving irrigation methods, such as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and precision irrigation. Investigations into the use of new technologies, drip fertigation, sensor-based systems, and automated irrigation scheduling, adaptive control systems, and decision support tools for optimizing irrigation water delivery and reducing water wastage are also encouraged. These irrigation techniques and methodologies enable targeted water application based on spatial and temporal variability. This may also include research on variable rate irrigation and site-specific irrigation management.

(3) Water Management and Conservation: Submissions that explore sustainable water management practices, water conservation strategies, and water use efficiency in agriculture. This may include studies on crop water requirements, real-time soil moisture monitoring, water harvesting, water reuse, and recycling. Submissions that explore the utilization of big data, remote sensing, and predictive modeling to improve water management practices are also welcome. This may include studies on data integration platforms, satellite-based monitoring of crop water stress, and the use of machine learning algorithms for water demand forecasting and irrigation water allocation optimization.

(4) Water–Energy–Food Nexus: Contributions exploring the interconnectedness of water, energy, and food systems, and their implications for sustainable development. This may include investigations on the water footprint of food production, water–energy nexus in irrigation, and the integration of renewable energy in agricultural water management.


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