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Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
I.P – National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinary Research (INIAV), 4485-665 Vairão, Portugal

Novel Antimicrobial Agents: Discovery, Design and New Therapeutic Strategies, 2nd Volume

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30 September 2023
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31 December 2023
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Dear Colleagues,

We have established one successful Topic on “Novel Antimicrobial Agents: Discovery, Design and New Therapeutic Strategies” with 61 papers, which encouraged us to open a second volume on the same topic. Please see the introduction about the Topic below. The rapid increase in antibiotic resistance raises concerns that we are returning to a pre-antibiotic era, in particular for Gram-negative infections; this is having an increasing impact on an international scale. There are few novel anti-Gram-negative/positive drugs being discovered and entering clinical trials, and therefore, novel drugs along with novel targets, techniques and methods that lead to new drugs are urgently needed. Overcoming resistance to restore the effectiveness of existing drugs or repurposing existing drugs are also important opportunities. This Special Issue is seeking original research articles and synopses (reviews) that demonstrate substantial advances within this field and we are inviting researchers from different fields (e.g., chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, PK PD modelers) to contribute to this editorial project. We aim to cover not only traditional but also non-traditional products, with both broad-range and single-target antibiotics for human and animal use.

You are welcome to read the papers published in the first Topic:

Novel Antimicrobial Agents: Discovery, Design and New Therapeutic Strategies

Prof. Dr. Mark G. Moloney
Dr. Sónia Silva
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  • antibiotic resistance
  • antimicrobial agents
  • novel anti-Gram-negative drugs
  • novel anti-Gram-positive drugs
  • antibiotics use

Participating Journals

Journal Name Impact Factor CiteScore Launched Year First Decision (median) APC
5.222 3.9 2012 12.6 Days 2200 CHF Submit
Applied Microbiology
- - 2021 12.6 Days 1000 CHF Submit
- - 2019 15 Days 1600 CHF Submit
4.927 5.9 1996 13.4 Days 2300 CHF Submit
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
3.711 4.8 2016 15.1 Days 2000 CHF Submit

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