5 May 2017
A new section "Uremic Toxins" has been established in Toxins

I'm delighted to announce that a new section "Uremic Toxins" has been established in Toxins. The section will cover all aspects of uremic toxin research, including but not limited to the identification and characterization of uremic toxins, with studies on their biological effects; generation; complications; removal and kinetics during removal; observational and controlled studies on the biological and clinical impact of concentration changes; and studies on the uremic metabolome, proteome, genome and microbiome.

The Editor-in-Chief for the section will be Professor Raymond Vanholder. Dr. Vanholder is Professor Emeritus at Ghent University and chairman of the European Kidney Health Alliance and the European Chronic Diseases Alliance.  He has published more than 700 papers on uremic toxicity and various topics related to clinical nephrology.


I'm confident that Dr. Raymond Vanholder's knowledge and experience will help us expand the journal's scope to uremic toxins, and maintain the high quality of the journal in the future.

The section information and editorial board can be found at

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