Uremic Toxins

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The uremic toxins section of the Toxins journal invites the submission of high quality manuscripts that report new investigations into all aspects of uremic toxin research, including but not limited to identification and characterization of uremic toxins, studies on their biological effects (toxicity), generation, complications (cardiovascular and other), removal (dialysis and other/novel extracorporeal removal strategies; alternative options such as intestinal adsorption) and kinetics during removal, observational and controlled studies on the biological and clinical impact of concentration changes, and studies on the uremic metabolome, proteome, genome and microbiome.


acute kidney injury; adsorption; AKI; analytical techniques; bioactivity; biochemistry; bioinformatics; biological effect; chromatography; chronic kidney disease; CKD; clinical laboratory; clinical trials; diagnostic methods; dialysis; extracorporeal removal; gene expression profiling; generation; genome; genomics; hemodialysis; in vitro effects; in vivo effects; kinetic modeling; kinetics; metabolome; metabolomics; microbiome; middle molecules; molecule; observational studies; optimization of removal; PCR; peptide; patho-physiology; protein bound solutes; peritoneal dialysis; protein; proteome; proteomics; purification; PCR; randomized controlled trials; RCT; small water soluble compounds; spectrometry; toxicity; transcriptome; transcriptomics; transplantation; uremia; uremic toxins

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